[Full moon night, some kind of male desire is the strongest]

On the full moon night, people transform into wolves . This kind of scene seems to exist only in science fiction.

But Australian researchers have observed that people’s emotions at the full moon are indeed more restless, impulsive and aggressive than usual.

This is reflected in the life of both sexes. It is easy to become “sexual” and full of sparks of passion on the full moon night.

How to spend a passionate Mid-Autumn Festival night and fuel some of the sex that may have become more and more bland is a problem that both men and women have been thinking about in recent days.

And gender experts are thinking more about how to avoid the health “accidents” that occur when passion is unbearable, and cause cheats for safe sex on the full moon night.

Why is the moon night full of impulse?

There is a saying that about 2/3 of the human body is liquid, and the gravity of the moon can act on the liquid in the human body like the tide of seawater, affecting human emotions, the balance of body fluids and water and electrolytes, and causing biological tide.
Especially at the full moon, the moon has the strongest influence on human behavior, and often makes people’s feelings easily excited and excited.

Proceed, this claim has no scientific basis.

The urge to full moon night is more reflected in the psychological aspect. Since ancient times, there have been expressions such as “before the flower blooms and the moon is falling”, “the moon is above the willow head, and the person is about after dusk”.

The moonlight is bright, and the surrounding area is filled with flowers. Such a romantic evening, coupled with the concentration of holidays, especially for some lovers who usually get together in the workplace and get together, Mid-Autumn Festival is a rare day together.

“The state of mind determines the environment. Naturally, people are imaginative, full of friendship, and are eager to move.