[Does prawn abortion in early pregnancy]_ eat shrimp _ early pregnancy _ impact

In the early stages of pregnancy, women should have a clear plan for their diet, because many foods belong to cold women. After eating, it is easy to cause cold in the palace, which may cause threatened abortion. Shrimp can be said to be a foodIt is very sensitive because there are many people who are weak and easily feel after eating shrimp. Then, will there be a miscarriage phenomenon when eating shrimp in early pregnancy?

Will shrimp abortion in early pregnancy?

Surely not. Even symptoms of miscarriage in the first trimester are generally not caused by diet.

The main cause of early pregnancy miscarriage is the chromosomal abnormality. Some chromosomal abnormalities on either side of both spouses can be transmitted to the offspring, or chromosomal mutations that occur during the transformation and development process can cause chromosomal abnormalities, which will naturally occur.abortion.

This is generally considered to be the result of elimination of superiority and inferiority, and is an accident.

Possible causes of abortion, some maternal causes, some even cause some serious diseases, severe anemia, heart failure, renal dysfunction, severe diabetes, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, etc., may cause abortionIt is the factors inherent to the uterus, or other factors.

Abortion caused by eating is basically impossible.

Will shrimp abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy? Pregnant mothers can eat shrimp, which means that pregnant mothers do not have allergies such as shrimp.

If you are allergic to seafood such as shrimp, it is not appropriate to eat shrimp.

No matter what you eat, you should stop at the right time, don’t eat too much, and don’t eat raw, so as not to cause gastrointestinal upset.

During pregnancy, pregnant women eat an average of more than 340 grams of seafood per week, and the fetus’s intelligence and physical development in the abdomen are better than other children.

However, due to the increasing mercury content of edible seafood, pregnant women who eat too much seafood will affect their nervous system development, so be aware of the following points: 1. Pregnant women should not eat contaminated marine fish often, and may not consume mercury.Contaminated pond farmed fish.

For pregnant women, if a large amount of high-mercury seaweed is often consumed, harmful mercury substances absorbed by the mother’s body will enter the body through the placenta, causing damage to the fetus’s nerves, liver, kidney and other organisms and systems.
2, pregnant women can not eat vitamin C while eating marine fish.

Marine fish will become highly toxic if served with Victoria C.

The trace mineral impurities on the top of marine fish will be transformed into a toxic trivalent arsenic state by the action of a large amount of vitamin C. Its toxicity is equivalent to arsenic, so vitamin C pills should be avoided within 2 hours before and after eating marine fish.

However, fruits and vegetables (within 500 grams) containing vitamin C are not poisonous when eaten with sea fish.

3, pregnant women do not eat salted sea fish, because the salting process will produce substances that are not good for your health, and there are trace toxins, pregnant women are not good for your baby after eating.